Wood is commonly used as ammunition for the Hunting Bow and its upgrades, and as a construction material. It's the most common resource in the game.


  • Wood is obtained primarily by hitting Trees with a melee weapon. The player hitting the tree will earn a set amount of Wood per hit-per tree depending on the weapon used to hit the tree. The amount of wood gathered per weapon is as shown:
Stick Great Axe Hand Axe Mc Grabby, Ranged Weapons, Wooden Shield All Others
Wood 7 4 2 0 1
  • Wood can also be obtained by smashing Structures that are built using wood.
  • The amount of wood the player has is displayed in the Wood Meter. As the player earns wood, the number displayed will increase. Likewise, as the player uses wood, either to build structures or shoot arrows, the number will decrease.
  • Each individual structure costs a different amount of wood. If the player does not have enough wood to build a certain structure, he will not be able to select it. Likewise, if a player does not have enough wood to fire an arrow, he will not be able to fire an arrow.
  • Wood is very useful as it really improves your gameplay. If wood did not exist, you wouldn't be able to build many buildings or shoot arrows.
  • It is represented by: Wood


  • Wood is the most commonly used resource in the game, and is also the second easiest to obtain, as there is a very high concentration of trees in both the Plains Biome and the Snow Biome. The desert and river biomes cannot contain any trees but in the desert, you are able to place Saplings.


Wood has been in the game since the beginning and has never been changed.

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