"allows you to move at normal speed in snow"

The Winter Cap is a Hat in


  • The Winter Cap costs Gold600.
  • Players wearing the Winter Cap will be immune to the speed reducing effects of the Snow Biome.



  • All Players should have a Winter Cap so that they can move throughout the Snow Biome with the same speed as in the other biomes.
  • Players trying to live in the Snow Biome will need the Winter Cap in order to survive effectively.
    • Players with the Winter Cap will have an advantage over the players who don't when battling in the Snow Biome.
  • Pair with Winter Cape or Snowball to look cool.


  • Use Boost Pads to catch up with people using the Winter Cap.
  • Lure you opponent out of the Snow Biome to make their hat useless.
  • Use Daggers, as they are the fastest weapon.


  • Players with the Winter Cap will move faster than Players with the same Weapon who are wearing the Booster Hat in the Snow Biome.


  • 0.76 - Sprite changed.
  • 0.38 - Reduced cost.
  • 0.37 - Snow Biome added and Winter Cap given effect. Winter Cap made cheaper.
  • 0.33 - Sidney de Vries edited "blue hat". "Blue Hat" is probably Winter Cap, but it is unknown what it truly is.
  • Probably 0.25 - Added.


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