• GreyFlame 05

    Well, yeah, I think it's time I fully address what I'm sure is why a few of you still resent my status on this wiki. We all know and fully realize that a user like me with the privilege of being bureaucrat is completely insane, as if you look at my 278 edits to the wiki and compare between Patrik or PokeGeek, or even your's, that you'll see why people could be annoyed. I'm just doing this as a way to reach people that normally wouldn't see this on my Message Wall, or for people who didn't accept those as legitimate apologies. This is that legit one.

    Alright, first thing to address, what I'm sure anybody thought while reading this: "Why do this, Grey, we've been through this a hundred times...". My answer is that I feel like after it's growing v…

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