Earlier the Golden Patrik made a blog post about wiki organization. One of the issues was templates, and he was spot on. The wiki does not have a uniform system of documentation. If you take two different pages in the same category, you will see that they do not share the same design. I want to help fix this, but no-one can really work on this issue unless we all agree on one uniform template system. So here are my ideas, but I really want other members to come up with their own ideas too so we can all be involved and come up with a system that satisfies everyone.

​Weapons, Items, Hats Accessories

For tools, weapons, items, hats and accessories, I suggest we use the below outline.


A basic summary of the object. Describes the intended purpose of the object. Takes the place of other sections like "Design".


  • Uses bullet points.
  • Gives specific and detailed information about the tool and item. i.e, the precise attack speed of the weapon, tables displaying the weapons attack power, stats showing how much (percentage wise) it reduces your speed.


  • Uses bullet points.
  • Lists tactics that allow the item to be used to its fullest potential.


The history of the particular weapon is important too. Nearly all of the wiki pages have nothing but present day facts about the particular object. They don't even mention how the weapon has changed over time. We need to have a record of how updates have changed the item and made it different.


  • Uses bullet points.
  • Lists obscure but interesting facts about the particular object.


Our infoboxes need to be standardized too. Obviously for Hats and Accessories we should use the "Hats" infobox, which I think is already pretty standard. But for Tools, Weapons and Items it is a completely different story. Items have their own infobox, which is already standard, but Tools and Weapons are not standardized at all. Different pages use different infoboxes. Many use the "Items" infobox, resulting in irrelevant data such as "Cost". Others use the normal infobox, resulting in an unfinished look and inadequate display of information. I suggest making a new infobox template called weapons, and I think I will do that after I finish writing this.


This is kind of not very important but I notice that in some areas of the wiki we use images from the datafiles and in other places we use in game screenshots. It doesn't really matter but I think images from the datafiles look more proffessional so do you think we should only use those if applicable?

Tell me what you think.