The Store is a Mechanic in


To enter the store you click on the house icon next to the Leaderboard. When entering the store, you will find two tabs. One with hats and one with accessories. The only accessories that have an effect are Angel Wings, Shadow Wings, Blood Wings, Corrupt X Wings, Sawblade, Monkey Tail, and Apple Basket. You must have the amount of gold listed on the right side of the tab to buy the item. (You can have more than one item.) Upon buying the item, you will lose the number of gold it took to buy the item. You will find a description of the item on the top left corner of the screen upon hovering your mouse over it or buying the item.


  • Buy Hats and Accessories to gain an advantage over other players. Scroll down in the store to see more items to buy. (You will find all the images of the store below)
  • You can still move your character while in the store.
  • In rare cases, a tribe leader or higher ranked member could be able to have every other member in the team to wear uniform hats and/or accessories to further indicate a powerful tribe. However, often times the tribe will choose a free hat, giving no advantages in combat. Also, most of the time this uniformity is not able to occur, whether lack of uniform language or just a player's unwillingness to cooperate with the rest of the tribe.
  • The store icon is the only icon to resemble a real-world building.
  • You can switch between accessories to adapt to different situations.