"provides improved protection for your village"

The Stone Wall is an upgrade of the Wood Wall in


  • The Stone Wall is available at Age 3 as an alternative to the Cookie.
  • Stone Walls have 900 health points, making it roughly 3 times more durable than a Wood Wall.
  • The Stone Wall costs Stone25.
  • The limit of Stone Walls a player can place is 30.
  • Players and Mobs cannot move through the Stone Wall, nor can arrows or bullets.
  • Arrows and bullets have no effect on Stone Walls.
  • Turrets and Players on Platforms can still shoot over these.



  • Use Stone Walls to build superior Bases and to protect Windmills.
  • Be aware that obtaining the Stone Walls will mean sacrificing the Cookie, decreasing your offensive abilities. However, you can still choose the Cheese to become more powerful combat-wise.
  • All ranged weapons can break Wood Walls, but if you upgrade to Stone Wall they can not.
  • You can use this to block MOOFIE, as they cannot destroy it.


  • Take advantage of the bypassing of the Cookie; try to engage in long fights to gradually wear down your opponent.
  • Great Hammer can effectively destroy Stone Walls.
    • The Katana, though it cannot match the Great Hammer's structural DPS, can hit multiple Stone Walls at a time, which can prove more effective for a larger base.


  • At one point in the game, Stone Walls replaced Wood Walls altogether. They were still, however, available as an upgrade.
  • Stone Walls have been in the game since its launch.


  • 0.893 - Fixed a glitch that made wood walls appear as Stone Walls
  • 0.891 - Increased wall limit to 30
  • 0.88 - Increased wall limit to 25
  • 0.52 - Increased wall limit to 20
  • 0.50 - Wall collisions were improved to be more precise
  • 0.40 - Buffed health once more
  • 0.30 - Buffed health again
  • 0.16 - Buffed health
  • 0.1 - Added Stone Wall (Initial Release)