This is a historical feature that has been removed from the game. As such, it is no longer found in-game.

"blocks projectiles and reduces melee damage"

The Stone Shield was an upgrade of the Wooden Shield added in Update 0.9 and got removed a few days later (May 15th, 2018).


  • Completely nullified Projectile damage.
  • Reduced 90% of melee damage.
  • Reduced movement speed by 40%.
  • Was unlocked at Age 8.


(Object Removed)

Go and see Wooden Shield for Strategy

Gold Variant

01 G Stone Shield.png

This was added in version 0.9 and before 1.0. It had no sprite, causing it to appear as invisible in-game.

Diamond Variant

This was functionally identical to the Gold Version, and also had no sprite.

Ruby Variant

The Stone Shield was removed before the Ruby Weapons were added to the game. So there is no sign of ruby sprite.

Real Life Equivalent

  • The Stone Shield is supposed to be an upgrade of the Wooden Shield. While Shields made of Wood was quite common in the early days of combat, Stone Shields usually never was.
  • In real life, Stone Shields were made primarily as decorations, and are still made today for this purpose.
  • Stone shields are impractical compared to metal and even wood shields because most stone is quite brittle and very heavy.


  • The Shield_2 image was the only image of a weapon in the data files to use the number "2" (Until the Repeater Crossbow). All other images are simply "Sword_1" or "Samurai_1".
  • Using Katana, it would take 25 hits to kill a person with Stone Shield.
  • Paired with the Soldier Helmet, it would reduce 92.5% of damage.


  • One day before version 1.0 - Removed the Stone Shield.
  • 0.9 - Added the Stone Shield.
  • 10/2/2017 - Added the Stone Shield to The Game Files.



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