"damages enemies when they touch them"

The Spinning Spikes are one of the two final upgrades on the Spike path, the other being Poison Spikes.


  • Spinning Spikes are unlocked at age 9 only if Greater Spikes were chosen earlier at Age 5.
  • Spinning Spikes deal 45 damage to the enemy Player or Mob that touches it.
  • Spinning Spikes cost Wood30 and Stone25 each.
  • The limit on Spinning Spikes is 15.
  • Enemies who touch Spinning Spikes are repelled backward.



  • Use Spinning Spikes the same way you would use normal Spikes, only to greater effect.
  • Keep in mind that Spinning Spikes cost more Resources than Spikes or Greater Spikes so you will need more resources depending on how many you place.
  • Trap a Bull or other Hostile Mob using a Pit Trap, then place a Spinning Spike next to it to kill it fast, or use one to make a dam in the river and trap it like that, and it will perish without you having to lift a finger.
  • You can do an instakill by quickly pressing the spike button or the hotkeys. (You just have to hit a player, and then quickly place a spike.)
  • If you wish to run away from an opponent, try placing a spike when they are near. The high damage will help scare them off.
  • If you have a strong primary such as Polearm, or Katana, then equip Bull Helmet. Hit your opponent, then quickly place a Spinning Spike. They will instantly die unless they have the Soldier Helmet equipped. If this is the case, you may attempt to quickly equip Turret Gear.


  • Avoid being trapped in a cage of Spinning Spikes. This will lead to you ricocheting around and dying quickly.
  • Soldier Helmet can greatly reduce the damage Spinning Spikes do to you.
  • Place down a Blocker so your opponent can't use them.


  • The Spinning Spikes are the only structures that have an animation except for the Windmills and Turret.
  • The Spinning Spike's image is the same as the Greater Spike's, but the Spinning Spike spins.
  • Spinning Spikes do not push someone further away than normal Spikes.
  • Spinning Spikes can kill a Player in the same number of hits has Greater Spikes, similar to the way that Katana can kill somebody in the same number of hits as Short Sword.


  • 1.4 - Undid change in version 1.3 because of another high demand
  • 1.3 - Due to high demand, spinning spikes no longer damaged players who weren't moving
  • 0.896 - Nerfed damage to 45
  • 0.894 - Added Spinning Spikes, which dealt 50 damage.

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