"reduces damage taken but slows movement"

The Soldier Helmet is a Hat that reduces damage taken.


  • Reduces all damage taken (except healing) by 25%.
  • Slows movement speed by 6%.
  • Costs 4000 Gold.



  • Pair with the Wooden Shield to block 85% of damage taken in melee combat. (100% in ranged combat)
  • Pair with Shadow Wings to negate the slow movement speed.
  • Works best with the Katana, as the Katana allows for maximum DPS paired with a higher damage resistance.
  • Works well against the Polearm, reducing its high damage and taking away its biggest advantage.
  • Use it to outlast your opponent in battle.
  • With the Bat, you can be riot control and keep enemies away from teammates as they fire arrows!
  • Use to help prevent insta-kill.


  • Structures are more effective against the Soldier Helmet than Weapons.
  • If you place a Spike next to a Soldier Helmet user who is stuck in a Pit Trap, they will die, regardless of their damage resistance.
    • This is not true if they break out of it, right after you place, the spike, then they might survive.
  • Use Samurai Armor to swing faster, making the Solider Helmet's effect less useful.
  • Use Bull Helmet, making it less useful.


  • The solider helmet is mainly grey, the most common main color for a hat.


  • 0.896 - Buffed to -20% damage. Now blocks Projectile damage, before update 0.896 couldn't.
  • 0.76 - Sprite change.
  • 0.68 - Added.