The Snow Biome, also known as the Tundra or the Arctic, is one of the four Biomes in


  • The Snow biome is covered in snow. It is this snow that, presumably, reduces the Player's movement speed by 25%.
  • When the Server is initially generated it spawns with a similar concentration of Natural Structures as the Plains Biome, though two of the Natural Structures have a different sprite. Trees and Bushes become white and the berries on the bush become blue.
  • Mobs spawn in this Biome as in all other Biomes.
    • According to the Changelog, Wolves spawn exclusively in the Snow Biome, though this has been proven to be false.
  • The RGB colors of the different grid spaces in the Winter Biome are as follows:
    • Grid Spaces: #A6A6BE
    • Grid Borders: #9D9D85


  • If you have difficulty surviving in the Plains Biome, the Snow Biome is a viable alternative.
  • It is recommended that all players have the Winter Cap in their inventory in order to negate the effects of the Snow Biome.
    • Wearing the Winter Cap makes you faster than wearing the Booster Hat in the Snow Biome.
    • It holds two of the four corner spots, which all are good base spots because they're easy to defend and flee from hungry raiders. Also, it slows people with Emp quite a lot.
    • The snow biome has surprisingly more Wolves.


  • In spite of the fact that the Snow Biome slows the Player down, Mobs move unhindered throughout the Snow Biome.
  • The Changelog states that the Snow Biome is the only Biome where the Wolf spawns, though if a player kills a Wolf, no matter what Biome he is in the Wolf may sometimes respawn next to the player, disproving this statement.
  • It is one of two biomes that changes your movement, and also one of the two biomes that has a corresponding hat.


  • 0.9 - Increased Speed Cut from 20% to 25%
  • Various Updates - Changed Size
  • 0.37 - Added Snow Biome