The Skull is an icon in used to symbolize death or killing.



A player's Kill Counter


The Top Killer

  • The Skull appears next to player's Kill Counter, which counts how many kills the player has.
  • The player with the most kills in that server will have a skull next to their name. These players are known by fans as the "Top Killer".


  • Taking down the Top Killer is a good way to advance your own agenda, but Top Killers are generally very skilled players, so be cautious around them.
  • Top Killers usually go Solo so take them down as a team. Try trapping them with a Pit Trap first as they will have to:
    • Get out of the pit trap
    • Heal while getting hit by tons of players and
    • Have to choose one of these:
      • To kill the whole team or
      • To run
  • Be wary when allowing Top Killers into your Tribe, as often times they obtain their kills by betraying teams by joining, locating their base, exploiting its weakness, and then finally attacking.
  • If you are the Top Killer you can strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.
  • Attacking people that just spawned in is how a bunch of noobs get their title. DON'T BE THAT GUY!


  • More icon achievements are due for release in MooMoo 2.


  • 0.65 - Added.