Sidney de Vries, otherwise known on Reddit as TheBigShot1, is a software developer and creator of born on August 32, 1995. Acquiring a degree in Information Technology from Minerva Schulen Basel in 2012. He then acquired the Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from James Cook University in 2015. Sidney speaks German and English, along with a small amount of French.

He currently lives in Australia.

The Big Shots

Sidney has been the founder and developer of "The Big Shots," a software development company for approximately 6 years as of 2018.

Games (Other than

  • A 32-bit top-down shooter with multiple classes and game modes. Wiki here.
  • A racing game with an upgradable race car of choice. The first player who can complete 20 laps and avoid crashing their car in the process wins. Wiki here.
  • A naval battleship game with collectible coins. Wiki here.
  • A tower defense game involving bubbles, with highly abstract graphics. Wiki here.
  • A 3D top-down shooter, which plays much like, and includes the majority of former's features. Wiki here.
  • A simulator with... clickbait... (Defunct).
  • A 2D top-down Battle Royale game, where the players can use vehicles alongside melee and ranged weapons. Wiki here.
  • A 3D multiplayer FPS, and the spiritual successor to Vertix and Karnage. Wiki here.

Related games

Because is by far their most ambitious project, Sidney and his brother Vince joined forces with Nathan Flurry, who had earlier developed several .io games as part of Fluxr Games. They are listed here:

  • - a singleplayer web game that simulates web game development.
  • - a 3D dogfighting game.
  • - a 2D game where you control a ship that can obtain resources from asteroids or take over planets and build cities, mines, and factories on them. wiki here.


There are two in-game references to Sidney. One is the Cow names is Sid and the other is the removed Boss SID.