"hacks are for losers"

The Shame! Hat is a hat in


  • The Shame! hat is forced upon a player for 30 seconds if they are healing too fast, which was intended to stop Auto-Healers.
  • Unlike all other hats in the game, the Shame! hat cannot be purchased in the store.
  • As long as this hat is worn, the player is not able to eat any food.
  • When the Shame! hat is forced, it does NOT cancel out the effects that the player was wearing before. It just doesn't allow the player to heal by eating food.


Not a Hacker

Food spamming and getting Shame!.


  • It is possible to acquire the Anti-Hack Hat even if not a hacker if the player eats very quickly. Try to avoid eating too fast, and if you get the Hat, run away. It will disappear eventually.
  • If you unfairly get Shame! then equip Wooden Shield to keep yourself alive.


  • When combating an Auto-Healer, try to hit him as much as you can. Eventually the game will catch on to the fact that he is healing himself way too fast. Once he has the Hat, he can be killed easily.


  • The Shame! hat design is based off of a court jester's hat, but the nose likely stems from the story of Pinocchio.
  • It is one of two hats that doesn't allow you to heal (The other is the Assassin Gear). If you get it, however, you can heal with Medic Gear, Apple Basket, Angel Wings, Blood Wings, or Healing Pads.
  • It is very rare to get this hat, as you may not find a player with one in the entire server.
  • The Shame! hat is the only entity in to have an exclamation mark in it's name.
  • In the code, it is in the Store, with a "dontSell" tag set to true, and has no effect.
    • The effect that causes the inability to eat food also just skins it in without them actually wearing it. Once you get it, you go skinless for a second, then Shame! is equipped.


  • 0.88 - Adjusted.
  • 0.87 - Added.


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