1. Do not disrespect the policies you enforce.
  2. Do not neglect your power.
  3. Do not misuse your power.

These are the three central tenets that all Wiki Staff (including Interns) must follow if they wish to retain their rights & remain on Staff. Failure to comply with these can result in demotions, being fired outright, or a full ban from the Wiki. Ignorance of these policies is not an excuse for breaking them.

This is rather self-explanatory; it is the attitude, or belief, that the policies either do not apply to oneself or that they need not be applied to all users equally.

In essence, this is inactivity, or the underuse of power. Failure to fully utilize the powers you have been granted may result in a demotion to a lower level. Repeated streaks of inactivity may result in ejection from Staff.

This is essentially the opposite of neglect; it is the overuse of power. It is also the tenet with the most serious repercussions because the potential for abuse is so great.[1]


  1. Those with higher user rights, such as Administrators, must still follow the policies below, as they possess the powers of those below them.