Suggest New Rewards This page documents User-Rewards, or Medals.

Rewards are badges that you can earn which will appear in a module on the right-hand side of your profile. There are two types of Rewards: Common Rewards & Special Rewards. Common Rewards can be earned by multiple people by accomplishing the same task, while Special Rewards can only be earned during unique events such as contests, or for performing a universally accoladed task. An example of a Special Reward would be for founding the wiki. Special Rewards are typically only given out once, and afterward they can no longer be acquired.

Common Rewards[1]

Article Edits

Reward Name Description Image Recipients
Age 1 Awarded for reaching 500 edits without farming[2]. Age 1 Medal HakeemollahDanielTheWeeb
Age 2 Awarded for reaching 1000 edits without farming. Age 2 Medal 46crazyweaselsUvronSwiftfootSaltCanFlickCofefeLOAdING......GN!PV07
Age 3 Awarded for reaching 2500 edits without farming. Age 3 Medal Be the next!
Age 4 Awarded for reaching 4000 edits without farming. Age 4 Medal WitherB0$$398
Age 5 Awarded for reaching 5000 edits without farming. Age 5 Medal Be the next!
Age 6 Awarded for reaching 6000 edits without farming. Age 6 Medal Be the next!
Age 7 Awarded for reaching 7000 edits without farming. Age 7 Medal TheGoldenPatrik1ThePokegeek5000
Age 8 Awarded for reaching 8000 edits without farming. Age 8 Medal HerroPeople
Age 9 Awarded for reaching 10,000 edits without farming. Age 9 Medal Be the first!

Discussion Posts

Reward Name Description Image Recipients
Lone Windmill Awarded for reaching 100 Discussion Posts without farming. Lone Windmill Medal CaptainWerdnaWitherB0$$398000Aiken000
Windmill Pair Awarded for reaching 250 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill Pair Medal UvronSwiftfootIGhostMooPredaking6946crazyweaselsCofefeThePokegeek5000
Windmill Settlement Awarded for reaching 500 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill Settlement Medal SaltCanFlick
Windmill Village Awarded for reaching 1000 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill Village Medal TheGoldenPatrik1HerroPeople
Windmill Town Awarded for reaching 1500 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill Town Medal Be the first!
Windmill City Awarded for reaching 2000 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill City Medal Be the first!
Windmill Metropolis Awarded for reaching 2500 Discussion Posts without farming. Windmill Metropolis Medal Be the first!

Special Rewards

Reward Name Description Image Recipients
Leader Awarded for leading the wiki at some point. Given only to founders, adopters, and bureaucrats. Leader Medal HerroPeopleGreyFlame 05TheGoldenPatrik1ThePokegeek5000TheLittleShot1
500 Edits Awarded for 500 edits on TheMooMoo Wiki. 500 Edit Medal GreyFlame 05
1000 Edits Awarded for 1000 edits on TheMooMoo Wiki. 1000 Edit Medal ThePokegeek5000
Merge Volunteer Awarded for significant help in the Merge. Merge Volunteer Medal ThePokegeek5000LOAdING......GN!PV07
Merge Hero Awarded for helping the most in the Merge. Merge Hero Medal WitherB0$$398Cofefe
Merge Leader Awarded for organizing the Merge. Merge Leader Medal TheGoldenPatrik1
Gold and Diamond Helper Awarded for significant help in the Gold and Diamond Weapons project. Gold and Diamond Medal ThePokegeek5000Cofefe
Strategizer Awarded for contributing the most in the Strategy Project. Strategizer Medal HerroPeople
Explorer Awarded for significant help on Interlanguage Wikis. Explorer Medal WitherB0$$398TheGoldenPatrik1JestX WIKI


  1. The presence of the Newb, Unverified, or Non-User Tag on your profile will disqualify you from holding most Common Rewards. Edit articles often & they will eventually disappear.
  2. Farming is defined as adding bad categories, making numerous edits when only one is needed, spamming on message walls, uploading numerous unneeded files, or otherwise earning a Medal without making a significant contribution to the wiki.