"generates more gold over time"

The Power Mill is a Windmill in


  • The Power Mill costs 100 Wood and 50 Stone.
  • The Power Mill is available at Age 8 only if the Faster Windmill was selected earlier at Age 5.
  • The limit on Power Mills is seven, the same for normal Windmills and Faster Windmills.
  • The Power Mill has 800 Health.
  • The Power Mill generates Gold2 per second as long as it is not destroyed.
  • The Power Mill looks exactly like the regular Windmill and the Faster Windmill.
  • The Power Mill gives you 2 XP every second.



  • Upgrade to the Power Mill for an even faster Gold generation.
  • Do not allow your enemies to destroy your windmills.
  • Due to their relatively low health and high resource amount, if you don't have Turrets, the Power Mill is good for getting Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Weapons.
  • They are an expensive investment, so be sure to have a fast resource gathering weapon with you.
  • Otherwise, use the same strategy as you would use with Windmill.
  • Extremely effective for Sandbox.



  • The Power Mill spins faster than any other structure in the game.
  • The Spinning Spikes and windmills are the only structures that spin in the game.


  • 0.9 - Added Power Mill (The Power Mill remains unchanged)