"poisons enemies when they touch them"

The Poison Spikes is an upgrade of the Greater Spikes available at Age 9. They are the only structure in the game capable of poisoning Players and enemies.


  • The Poison Spikes deal 30 damage points on contact. They also inflict the Poison Effect, which takes away 5 health points every second for 5 seconds, making a total of 25 additional damage done over time. In short, it does 55 damage.
    • The Poison effect does not stack, so a player who is already poisoned cannot be poisoned again to have two Poison effects working on him.
    • Note that the Poison does not affect players using the Anti Venom Gear, but initial contact with the Poison Spike will still deal 30 damage.
  • Contact with the Poison Spikes will also result in a knockback effect on the player unless the player is trapped in a Pit Trap.
  • Poison Spikes do not affect the player who placed them or his teammates, though they are still solid structures and may not be walked through.
  • Poison Spikes cost 15 Stone and 35 Wood.
  • The limit on Poison Spikes is 15, as the same for Spikes, Greater Spikes, and Spinning Spikes.
  • The spikes on the Poison Spikes are green, thus being the only spike with a different color than all the rest.



  • Use Poison Spikes as you would use normal Spikes.
  • Poison Spikes deal more damage than Spinning Spikes over time, but only through Poison. Depending on your application, Spinning Spikes may sometimes be more effective than Poison Spikes.
  • Poison spikes are good on cookie spammers because they will eat up a Cookie just to heal five health, therefore making it so they spend three more cookies.
  • Try using against auto-healers. Their script will heal every single poison "tick", which may eventually have them get the Shame! Hat and loss of Food.
  • Attacking an opponent with a Ruby Weapon will not stack the Poison. You may want Spinning Spikes instead.
  • Don't attack with Plague Mask, because the Poison (as mentioned above) will not stack.


  • Using Anti Venom Gear can negate the Poison effect, making the spike deal only 30 damage, which is healable by a single Cookie.
    • A Soldier Helmet can reduce the damage of the Spike and its Poison.
    • Cheese can counter the poison.


  • Poison Spikes were the first ever upgrade to Greater Spikes.
  • Poison Spikes reduce initial damage compared to the Greater Spikes but make up for it in Poison.
  • Poison Spikes are the only Spikes that have never been changed since they were added.
  • Poison Spikes are the only Spikes to do damage through poison.
  • Poison Spikes are one of the 3 ways to get poisoned.


  • 1.4 - Undid change in version 1.3 because of another high demand
  • 1.3 - Due to high demand, poison spikes were changed so they don't damage players who aren't moving
  • 0.85 - Added Poison Spikes