The Player is a controllable Mob in

Pre-37 short sword

A player in the older versions of



A player currently. (Without hats/accessories)

  • The Player is controlled by a person on a computer. There can be a maximum of 40 players in a server.
  • The Player, due to its lack of AI, acts sporadically and freely, unlike all other mobs.
  • No other Mob can make progress in the game other than the Player, making them immediately inferior to the Player race.
  • The WASD Controls or Arrow Keys may be used to move the Player.
  • The Player will always face the Mouse, allowing you to aim the player.
  • The Player is always holding either a Weapon, Food, or a Structure in its hands.
    • If a Non-Shield Weapon is held, clicking the mouse will cause the Player to attack. This action may be used to fight other Players, Mobs, Smash Structures or gather Resources. In the process of doing this, speed will be cut by 30%
    • If a Structure is held, the structure will be placed if possible. If you can't, nothing will happen
    • If a Shield is held, nothing will happen except damage will be reduced and Projectiles have no effect except knockback.
  • The Player you are controlling will always be represented by a white dot on the Map.
  • If the Player presses 'R', it begins an animation on the minimap, being a circle focused on the center of the player going outwards.
  • Each Player has 100 Health. Depletion of health will cause Death.
  • Each Player has a speed of 0.0016, as the code says. This can be increased or lowered by different Hats, Accessories, and Weapons.
  • Players can purchase Hats and Accessories in the Store using Gold.
  • Before joining the server, the player's Color may be changed as desired.


  • Avoid Death and strive to win the game by fighting and building bases. The goal is to get lots of kills and be number 1 on the leaderboard.
  • Once you spawn, avoid any players and get resources.