"platform to shoot over walls and cross over water"

The Platform is a Pad obtainable at Age 7.


  • The platform can be obtained at age 7, as an alternative to the Turret, Castle Wall (if you got Stone Wall at age 3), and Healing Pad.
  • One Platform costs Wood20.
  • The limit of Platforms placed at one time is 12.
  • The Platform allows the Player to shoot over most Structures when stood on.
    • Despite giving the player a height advantage great enough to shoot over walls, it is apparently not tall enough to allow the player to shoot over Trees, Food Bushes, Cacti, Turrets or Windmills, indicating that walls are shorter than said structures.
  • Platforms can be placed on the River. When stood on, the player does not go with the current of the river.
  • The Platform has 300 Health.
  • Even in the river, the platform allows you to shoot over structures.



  • Place these down at in your base so you can shoot over walls. Or, you can place them next to an enemy base so you can shoot into their base if they are trying to hide in their base.
  • Use it to your advantage when you are fighting a hostile mob, such as Bully, Bull, or Wolf. While they are trying to get you, stand on the other edge and use a Bow to shoot it or hit it with a melee weapon. If it tries to round it and get you on the other side, get to the opposite side and repeat until you have killed it.
  • To battle the river's current without spending any Gold, place platforms across the river and the current won't affect you as long as you are on the platforms.



  • The Platform was the first structure to introduce height mechanics to the 2D game.
  • If you stand on the platform, your weapon would appear over a mine while if you're not it appears to be below a mine.


  • 0.79 - Reduced health to 400, reduced the cost to a modest amount, increased the limit. Made change so players won't be affected by river current if standing on one
  • 0.77 - Added Platform

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