Plains Biome

Plains Biome

The Plains Biome is the largest Biome within the game. It is split into two sections by the River. The two halves are equal in every way, except one is bordering the Snow Biome and the other the Desert Biome. The land contains all Resources, except for Cacti which only spawn in the desert. The majority of resources found in the plains are Trees.


  • Trees are the most common resource and Bushes being the second most common resource in the Plains Biome.
  • The Plains Biome is 146 Grid Spaces or 4380 px, making the Plains Biome the largest Biome in the game.
  • The Plains Biome contains all Resources, except Cacti which only spawn in the Desert.
  • All normal Mobs spawn here.
  • The Plains Biome does not affect any Mob's movement speed.
  • The Plains Biome is split in half by the River, which is abundant in Stone Mines. Both sides are equal in every way besides the top bordering the Snow Biome, and the bottom bordering the Desert Biome.
  • This Plains Biome is colored #768F5A with the Grid Space borders colored #728A57.


  • Since Stone Mines are harder to find than Trees and Bushes, it is recommended that you place a Mine in the middle of a Tree and Bush.
  • Use Natural Structures, such as a Tree or Bush as a part of the wall for your base. They are both unbreakable and abundant.
  • This area is perfect for farming a multitude of resources at once, particularly Wood and Food.
  • You can buy the Bush Gear and stand next to a Tree or another Bush to blend into your surroundings, making it easy to do sneak attacks.


  • The Plains Biome is the only Biome that is separated into two halves.
  • The Plains Biome was the first Biome added to the game.


  • 0.21 - Added Gold Mines to Plains Biome
  • 0.1 - Added Plains Biome