"earn 1 extra gold per resource"

The Miners Helmet is a Hat in


  • The Miner's Helmet earns one Gold for every Resource its wearer harvests.
  • The Miner's Helmet costs Gold5000.



  • Find a place where you can hit multiple mines at once and start chopping.
  • For best results, use with the Stick. If you hit one mine, you will gain those resources and Gold7. If you hit three or four resources at a time, the total adds up to anywhere from Gold21 to 28 per swing. Very effective.
  • Use when you are gathering resources to earn extra Gold, then switch to another Hat for combat.


  • Use the Mc Grabby to steal the other player's gold.
    • As an alternative, you can use the Thief Gear if you plan to kill them.
  • Don't worry about the Miners Helmet; it has no combat benefits.


  • "Miners Helmet" is grammatical mistake; it should be "Miner's Helmet".


  • 0.76 - Added


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