"increases arrow speed and range"

The Marksman Cap is a Hat in


The Marksman's Cap resembles the kind of Hat you would expect one such as Robin Hood to wear. It is mostly green with a strange feather-type object mounted on top of it. It bears a strong resemblance to the Explorer Hat.




  • Combine the Marksman's Cap with the Hunting Bow or Crossbow to shoot at enemies with great accuracy. Dodging arrows fired with the Marksman's Cap is much more difficult than normal arrows as they move much faster.
  • Equip the Shadow Wings or Monkey Tail and chase enemies down, using your enhanced range to shoot them down.
  • Stand on top of platforms inside your base and shoot enemies before they get inside.
  • When raiding bases, place platforms outside and use the Marksman's Cap to shoot everyone inside.
  • It is a good idea to have a strong Primary Weapon with your Ranged Weapon, just in case your opponent has a Wooden Shield.
  • Take enemies down quickly with the Repeater Crossbow combined with this. It's even better if they're in a Pit Trap. They may heal too fast and get the Shame! Hat.
  • Pairing this with the Musket is not very useful, as the musket ball travels pretty fast already.



  • 0.54 - Nerfed Hat: Stats are now +30% Arrow Speed and +40% Arrow Range
  • 0.53 - Buffed Hat: Stats are now +??% Arrow Speed and +??% Arrow Range
  • 0.46 - Added Function. +??% Arrow Speed and +??% Arrow Range
  • 0.33 - Added.


  • It did not work with the Musket before its removal.


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