The Leaderboard displays the top 10 Players with the most Gold.


  • The Leaderboard displays the top 10 players with the most Gold.
    • If there are fewer than ten players on the server, it displays all the players. For example, if there are only six players, it shows all six on the leaderboard.
  • The Leaderboard "Heading" is left alligned, is bold in large font, and is solid white.
  • The information displayed on the leaderboard is displayed in a list from 1 to 10.
    • The list itself is partially transparent, but still white.
  • The amount of Gold a player on the list has is displayed on the right of the player's name and is solid white.
    • Note that the leaderboard rounds all Gold values up to the nearest tenth, and displays all values higher than 1000 as the value divided by 1000 and with a 'k' behind it.
    • If it shows someone who has less than 1000 gold, it shows their gold down to the ones, like 673, instead of 0.7k.
  • The leaderboard is always displayed in the top right corner of the screen, and is partially transparent, allowing for visibility underneath the leaderboard.

​ Strategy

  • Be careful of players on the leaderboard, as they most likely have very good gear.
  • If a player suddenly disappears from the leaderboard, it means one of two things:
    • That player was killed or quit the game.
    • The player just bought a new Hat or Accessory.


  • It is almost universally accepted that the Leaderboard tells all players who are winning the game at the time.
    • The only argument against this is that some people spend lots of money on various hats/accessories.
  • There is a second leaderboard, based on kills. You can only find out if a player has the most kills if you meet him, and beside his name will appear the Skull.
  • It actually isn't stated what the names and numbers on the Leaderboard mean, but it is easy to figure out.


  • 0.12 - Fixed a display glitch.
  • 0.10 - Added (initial release).