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"greater range and damage"

The Katana is a melee Weapon that evolves from the Short Sword, with improved range and damage, at Age 8.


  • The Katana deals 40 damage.
  • The Katana has the second-longest range of any Primary Weapon, second only to the Polearm.
  • It reduces move speed by 20%, making you slightly slower than the Short Sword.
  • The Katana has an attack speed of 0.3 seconds per swing.



  • Pairing it with the Shield is the most common build used by war clans, because the build is flexible both defensively and offensively
  • Switch from defensive and offensive, holding out soldier helmet with shield and bull helmet with Katana
  • Try equipping the Shadow Wings to negate its slow movement speed, so that you can have higher speed and a good hat
  • Try using the Shield with the Katana by blocking blows with the Shield and then switching to the Katana to hit the enemy before he has a chance to hit you again. Shield can also block projectiles
  • The Katana isn't much superior to the Great Axe, as both take 3 hits to kill an unarmed player at full health. The Katana does have a far superior range to the Great Axe though. The Katana is also better for killing Mobs.
  • When battling Players with Polearms, ignore their range and heal(Unless they do insta-killing)
  • Use for close combat.
  • The Katana provides an almost perfect balance of damage, mobility, and range.
  • Using the Gold Variant of Katana and Great Hammer, it's possible to insta-kill Soldier Helmet users with the Bull Helmet. First, equip the Bull Helmet. Attack with either your Katana or Great Hammer, then switcs to the other. Finally, quickly place down a Spinning Spike. It can be very useful in killing auto-heal hackers with Soldier Helmet.
  • You can instantly kill someone without Bull Helmet by getting the gold variant of Katana and Great Hammer. Just hit with both twice and place a spinning spike. This is similar to insta-killing a player without Soldier Helmet, just without Bull Helmet.
  • A dirty way is to bull spam them with blood wings that way u can heal and deal a lot of dmg to them. It can actually kill people with bad healing or no hacks.


  • The Polearm allows you to hit the Katana user without the fear of being hit because of the Polearm having a longer range than the Katana. Pair with Samurai Armor for more effective fights against Katana users Just don't let the katana user get close.
  • Repeater Crossbow also helps stay away from the Katana user and still do damage, but be careful to be far away from the katana user.
  • Try to use either a Polearm, Diamond Bat, or Ruby Bat because the bats have the knockback while the polearm has a longer range than the katana.

Gold Variant

The Golden Katana is a melee weapon with the 2nd highest DPS, dealing 44 dmg without bull helmet. It is one of the hardest weapons to get because you can only gather one resource at a time. It is the 5th easiest golden weapon to get (except if you are using the Miner’s helmet which allows you to obtain one gold for every Resource gathered. It counts toward your golden weapon). A strategy is to get a Great Hammer (or Mc Grabby)and a Booster Hat. Have the hammer in your hand when chasing somebody and hit them with your Katana when you are in range(do the

same with the other katana sprites).

Diamond Variant

01 D Katana

Diamond Katana

The Diamond Katana is the Diamond version of the Katana. It deals 47 damage to everything. When the Katana turns to Diamond, it becomes blue in color and the end of the blade becomes wider. It is obtained by farming 7k resources.

Ruby Variant

01 R Katana

Ruby Katana

The Ruby Katana is the third and final obtainable version of the Katana. It is obtained upon gathering 12,000 Resources and deals 47 damage to everything. Ruby weapons have a "Bleed" effect, causing players to lose 5 health every second in till they lose 25 heath.

Real Life Equivalent

  • The Katana was a weapon used by the Ancient Japanese samurai. Compared to the short sword used by knights and infantry in Europe, it was thin but long.
  • Being a very thin blade, the Katana is light, yet in-game it forces slower movement speed than a heavy sword.


  • Before 0.894, the Katana was the strongest weapon in the game. To this day it still has the highest DPS, and the second-highest range of all Melee Weapons (The only weapon with a higher range a is the Polearm, and the ranged secondary variants of Hunting Bow).
  • The Katana remains many players' Weapon of choice.
  • Its Emerald Weapon sprite is in the wrong location, as with many other weapons
  • The Katana's design is actually more reminiscent of the Naginata, due to its long handle.
  • It can kill somebody in just under a second, assuming they don't heal. It takes 1.2 seconds to kill them if they have a Soldier Helmet.
  • It is named samurai_1 instead of katana_1 in the game files.


  • 0.68 - Added. (It has not changed ever since except for a sprite change in an unknown update).
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.59.25 AM

The Katana before its sprite was mysteriously changed.



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