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The Hotbar at Age 1.

The Hotbar is the main feature at the bottom of the player's screen. It displays all of the Player's Weapons, Structures and Food Items. It also shows the Age of the player.


  • Items in the hotbar may be toggled by clicking on them.
    • Each number key from 1-9 represents a different slot in the hotbar. Pressing these keys will select the corresponding item.
  • The hotbar grows as the Player selects more items.
  • Primary Weapons are always found in the first slot.
  • Food Items are always found in the second slot until a Secondary Weapon is selected, at which point the Secondary Weapon will replace the Food Item in the second slot and the Food Item will be in the third slot.
  • Walls are always to the immediate right of the Food Item.
  • Spikes are always to the immediate right of the Walls.
  • Windmills are always to the immediate right of the Spikes.
  • Other items are added to the Hotbar in the order they are obtained.


  • If you get more than 9 items in your hotbar, you will only be able to use the First 8 and the Last one. This can happen when you chose the following (age by age): 1: Any, 2: Any, 3: Any, 4: Any, 5: Mine, 6: Any, 7: Turret/Platform/Healing Pad, 8: Any, 9: Spawn Pad. Once you do this, not even clicking will get your 9th item to work, and the Keys 1-8 will select the first eight, and 9 will select the last item.


The Hotbar was introduced in v0.01 of the game and remains the same as it was then. (Though more items have been added.)