"standing on it will slowly heal you"

The Healing Pad is a Structure in




  • Place healing pads in your base to slowly heal 15 points if you are low on food and need to get some or if you just don't feel like eating to conserve food.
  • Keep them protected so your healing source won't be broken by enemy players.
  • Put them in a group of four so players can easily stand on them.
  • When building a base, place all 4 then kill yourself. When you respawn, choose platforms, place the maximum amount of them and do the same with turrets.
  • Equip Angel Wings and Medic Gear while standing on Healing Pads to heal at the fastest rate possible without eating.
  • These shouldn't be used in the middle of a heated battle, as the enemy will be able to kill you while you're healing. Instead, opt for some Food or something that heals you quickly, like the Bloodthirster.
  • When in a ranged fight, place them and fight back with a ranged weapon of your own. You will have the benefit of constant healing.
  • Good against Poison, but if you're in a heated battle with a weapon like Katana, note that they will soon be destroyed, so don't depend on the Healing Pads forever.


  • Destroy these for Food.
  • Though these heal, they don't heal very fast. Attack Healing Pad users with a high DPS weapon like Daggers, Katana, or Repeater Crossbow to defeat them.
  • Use Bat to knock the player off the Healing Pad.
  • Use Bull Helmet to kill the players before they heal.


  • It is the only building that heals when touched by you or your teammates.
  • It's the only building that costs Food.


  • 1.0 - Increased health gained per second from 12 to 15
  • 0.85 - Increased health gained per second from 5 to 12
  • 0.84 - Added Healing Pad

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