Hats are purchased with Gold in the Store. While some may only serve as cosmetic features, others can provide the user with special bonuses ranging from easier snow movement to passive health regeneration. While multiple hats can be purchased, only one hat may be worn at any given time.

Table of Hats

At the moment, there are 14 free hats and a total of 32 hats that can be purchased in the game. In addition, there are 10 hats that exist in the game files but are unobtainable at the moment.

Hat Price Image In-game Description Detailed Description Tips
Shame! Free
Hat 45
hacks are for losers Doesn't sell in the store. You get it for spamming food too fast, and it is assigned for 30 seconds making it so you cannot eat food Just don't hack and don't get.
Or rage quit by legit food spamming when pinned by a Wolf.
Either one.
Moo Cap Free
Hat 51
coolest mooer around Vanity item
Apple Cap Free
Hat 50
apple farm remembers Vanity item
Moo Head Free
Hat 28
no effect Vanity item
Pig Head Free
Hat 29
no effect Vanity item
Fluff Head Free
Hat 30
no effect Vanity item
Pandou Head Free
Hat 36
no effect Vanity item
Bear Head Free
Hat 37
no effect Vanity item
Monkey Head Free
Hat 38
no effect Vanity item
Polar Head Free
Hat 44
no effect Vanity item
Fez Hat Free
Hat 35
no effect Vanity item
Enigma Hat Free
Hat 42
join the enigma army

Vanity item, based on the Featured Mootuber known as Enigma (now known as Simmy)

Blitz Hat Free
Hat 43
hey everybody I'm blitz Vanity item, based on the Featured Mootuber known as Blitz
Bob XIII Hat Free
Hat 49
like and subscribe Vanity item, based on the Featured Mootuber known as Bob XIII
Pumpkin 50
Hat 57
Spooooky Vanity item
Bummel Hat 100
Hat 8
no effect Vanity item
Straw Hat 500
Hat 4
no effect Vanity item
Winter Cap 600
Hat 15
allows you to move at normal speed in snow Allows you to move at regular speed in the Snow Biome. While in the Snow Biome, it is FASTER than the Booster Hat. Use in Snow Biome over any other speed hat, as it nullifies the 25% speed cut, increasing your speed in there by 1/3 (8/24) of normal, rather than the 4/25 of the Booster Hat
Cowboy Hat 1000
Hat 5
no effect Vanity item
Ranger Hat 2000
Hat 4
no effect Vanity item
Explorer Hat 2000
Hat 18
no effect Vanity item
Flipper Hat 2500
Hat 31
Have more control while in water Gives you 50% more resistance to the river's current Use it when crossing the River, or when doing a lot of river stuff, e.g. River Trolling.
Marksman Cap 3000
Hat 1
increases arrow speed and range Increases the speed and maximum distance of any arrows you shoot Use it if you are using the Hunting Bow, Crossbow, Repeater Crossbow, or Musket.
Bush Gear 3000
Hat 10
allows you to disguise yourself as a bush Your name and health can't be seen by people who aren't in your tribe. What you're holding can be seen, though. A tricky hat to use. Stand next to a structure like a wall or a tree to hide what you're holding, and you can do many things such as espionage or trolling
Halo 3000
Hat 48
no effect Vanity item Commonly used with the Angel Wings.
Soldier Helmet 4000
Hat 6
reduces damage taken but slows movement Reduces damage taken by 25%, but makes you 6% slower Combine with the shield for maximum damage reduction
Anti Venom Gear 4000
Hat 23
makes you immune to poison Makes you immune to extra damage caused by poison spikes and Plague mask Equip if you are poisoned
Medic Gear 5000
Hat 13
you slowly regenerate health Regenerates 3 health per second when worn Combine with Angel Wings to regenerate health rapidly
Miners Helmet 5000
Hat 9
earn 1 extra gold per resource Mining resources give you 1 Gold Useful for early on when you are mining for a better hat.
Windmill Hat is better when wandering around, but use the Miners Helmet when mining.
Musketeer Hat 5000
Hat 32
reduces cost of projectiles Reduces Projectile Cost by 50% Use with the Repeater Crossbow, due to its high wood cost being halved.
Bull Helmet 6000
Hat 7
increases damage done but drains health Increases melee damage done by 50%, but drains 5 HP per second. It also decreases movement speed by 4% This hat is extremely powerful for player-vs-player combat situations, especially if you are also wearing angel wings, which will counterbalance most of the health penalty
Emp Helmet 6000
Hat 22
turrets won't attack you but you move slower Turrets ignore you, but can still hurt you if they unintentionally hit you. You move 30% slower when wearing this hat. Use when there are Turrets near. Use in areas with many Turrets
Booster Hat 6000
Hat 12
increases your movement speed Increases movement speed by 16% Use with Shadow Wings for high speeds. Use the Winter Cap in the snowy areas
Barbarian Armor 8000
Hat 26
knocks back enemies that attack you Players that hit you will be pushed back a sizable distance
Plague Mask 10000
Hat 21
melee attacks deal poison damage Any player you hit with a melee attack will be given 6 seconds of poison (poison deals 5 damage per second, totaling to 30 damage by the time the effect wears off) Use with katana to deal large amounts of damage. Effective at taking out players who can heal very fast
Bull Mask 10000
Hat 46
bulls won't target you unless you attack them Entities with Hostile AI (Bulls, Bullies, and Wolves) will act as if you aren't there, and touching them will not affect you. Damaging them will cause them to damage and attack you, even if it was by your Turrets. Wear if you don't want to be bothered by bulls. You can also gather up bulls around your base for protection
Windmill Hat 10000
Hat 14 P
generates points while worn You get 1.5 gold per second when equipped Use this whenever you are trying to get gold. Combining this hat with the maximum 7 Power Mills placed down will yield maximum gold production per second when not mining
Spike Gear 10000
Hat 11 P
deal damage to players that damage you Players that damage you with a melee attack will receive 45% of that damage A great option for players who want to kill other players
Turret Gear 10000
Hat 53 P
you become a walking turret Use to attack enemies outside their base, even if you have both Turrets placed already. Do not use to disguise as a turret as the top sprite turret will be rotating and not pointing where it is aiming, blowing your cover instantly.
Samurai Armor 12000
Hat 20
increased attack speed and fire rate Reduces attack cooldown by 22% Useful for attacking situations, or for resource farming situations.
Bushido Armor (Removed) 12000
Hat 16
restores health when you deal damage Heals 40% of Melee Damage you deal A great option for players who want to kill other players
Dark Knight 12000
Hat 58
restores health when you deal damage Heals 40% of Melee Damage you deal A great option for players who want to kill other players
Scavenger Gear 15000
Hat 27
earn double points for each kill Killing other players will yield twice the normal gold reward While it gives no combat advantages (thus leaving you at a disadvantage to players wearing different hats), this hat is great for quickly gathering large amounts of gold if you are skilled enough at killing other players
Tank Gear 15000
Hat 40
increased damage to buildings but slower movement 230% Increased Damage to Structures, 70% Reduced Movement Speed The speed penalty is extremely slow, so only use it when needed. On the other hand, The damage done to buildings is a massive increase, so use it when breaking into enemy bases, or placing/breaking expensive buildings repeatedly to obtain gold/diamond tools
Thief Gear 15000
Hat 52
steal half of a players gold when you kill them. When you kill a player, you get half of their gold on top of the gold from their age. If you are good at killing players, you can use this hat to get a lot more gold, especially in the Sandbox, where people have lots of gold.
Bloodthirster 20000
Hat 55
Restore Health when dealing damage. And increased damage 20% Increased Melee Damage

Heal 25% of Melee Damage you deal

Assassin Gear 20000
Hat 56
Go invisible when not moving or attacking. Can't eat. Increased speed Invisible when not moving/attacking for 1.5 seconds

You cannot eat food.

Speed increased by 10%.

Use to lay an ambush or escape powerful enemies

Coding Hats

These are hats found in game files but are really just the animated hats, specifically the part that is placed on the player, while the animated part is done with a different file.

Name Cost Image Top Image Effect
Spike Gear Base, for when it is on players 10000
Hat 11
Hat 11 Top
Reflects 45% of Melee Damage taken
Windmill Hat Base, for when it is on players 10000
Hat 14
Hat 14 Top
Gain 1.5 Gold per second
Turret Gear Base, for when it is on players 10000
Hat 53
Hat 53 Top
You become a walking Turret - You shoot 25 damage bullets

Unreleased Hats

There are some hats that exist in the game files that do not currently exist in the game. Here are the ones we know of:


  • Try to avoid spending gold on hats that are purely cosmetic, as they will not provide any bonuses where other hats would.
  • Wearing the Bush Gear, try and hide your tools using Trees, Stone Mines, Bushes, Cacti, and Gold Mines to make yourself almost indistinguishable from other players, or use a Wooden Shield or a Hunting Bow, as those hide pretty well too. (Note that these above also don’t have Diamond Weapons so you should try to get them to make you fully invisible) Also, you can make a decoy base and hold a building block (your choice of blocks, like Wood, Stone, or Castle Walls) which will make you visibly a part of a base, which would fool your opponents into thinking that you are part of the base. You can also use Spikes.
  • Try to frequently change Hats to suit the situation you are in. For example, heal with Medic Gear and quickly eliminate mass groups of Players by hitting them with Bull Helmet
  • The Bush Gear is distinguishable from normal Bushes due to the size and shape being different. However, the difference is hard to notice.
  • Never wear the Bull Helmet when you are not fighting or you will spend a lot of food keeping the health up due to health reduction. You can also equip Blood Wings and hit Players or Mobs to heal after the damage.
  • Sometimes wearing an expensive hat could be used so not many people will want to attack you; hats can be used to show your level. So if you wear a Dark Knight, fewer people will try to attack you than if you wore Bush Gear, even if you are weaker and do not know how to fight.
  • If you have the Crossbow, it's good to have a Marksman Cap to boost its attack power. The Marksman Hat is cheap, and it doubles the Crossbow's speed and range power.
  • Use hats that help Melee attacks with Katana, which is one of the strongest Melee Weapons (Samurai Armor, Spike Gear, Plague Mask, Bull Helmet, and Bloodthirster all work).
  • The Booster Hat is good for Hand Axe players as it makes them very speedy and they are already faster than Short Sword players.
  • The Sawblade, unlike other Accessories, cannot be seen while wearing the Bush Gear. This is handy if you want to lure players close to you, as the blade will damage them when they hit you.
  • If you have Assassin Gear and have 1 or 2 other people with you, you can stand at MOOSTAFA's base and attack anyone with Muskets, syncing the attacks.


  • Most hats can be found in the Game Files by searching for number).png, however, hats 3 and 25 don't exist.
  • As of update 0.897, the total cost to buy every single hat is 160,700 gold.
  • If you shot someone wearing Spike Gear with a Ranged Weapon, you used to take damage as well, until 0.53.