"damages enemies when they touch them."

The Greater Spikes is a kind of Spike in


  • The Greater Spikes are an upgrade from Spikes.
  • The Greater Spikes are obtainable at Age 5 as an alternative to the Faster Windmill, Mine, and Sapling.
  • Greater Spike does 35 (formerly 40) damage per hit upon contact with a player other than you or your Tribe members.
  • Greater Spikes require 30 Wood and 10 Stone per unit to build.
  • A maximum of 15 Greater Spikes can be placed by one player.



  • Use the Greater Spikes the same way you would use the Spikes.


  • Use Soldier Helmet so it takes Greater Spikes 4 hits to kill you rather than 3.


  • The Greater Spikes have traditionally been the upgrade of the Spike, but there was once a glitch where Spikes ceased to exist, and Greater Spikes were the standard spike.
  • The Greater Spikes have one more Spike on them than normal Spikes.


  • 1.4 - Undid change in version 1.3 because of another popular demand
  • 1.3 - Due to a popular demand, Greater Spikes were changed so it won't damage players who aren't moving
  • 0.896 - Nerfed damage to 35
  • 0.52 - Spike limit increased to 15
  • 0.27 - Undid update in version 0.25
  • 0.25 - Increased knockback
  • 0.1 - Added Greater Spikes which did 40 damage ( Initial Release)