The Game Files are the files from which gets its images, sounds, and documents.


Documents can be found by typing in, then the document, then .txt.

Sound Files

Image Files

Image Files can be found by typing and then the corresponding string.


Adding /weapons/weapon_src_or_coded_file_name will usually find the Weapon's image in the datafiles, with some exceptions. Adding _g, _d, _r, and, _e will show the weapon's gold, diamond, ruby, and emerald variants respectively, assuming they exist. If the images do not exist, when the variant is achieved in game there will be no sprite shown, thus many of the weapon's variants are "invisible".


Adding /hats/hat_hatNumber will usually find the Hat's image in the datafiles.


Adding /accessories/access_accessoryNumber will find the Accessory's image in the datafiles.


Adding /animals/animalName will find the Mob's image in the datafiles.