Food is a type of Resource in It is used primarily in Cookies, Apples, and Cheese as a means to heal the Player. It is also used in Healing Pads.

​ Technical

  • Food can be acquired by hitting a Food Bush or Cactus.
    • Food can also be obtained by killing Mobs.
  • As players earn more food, it will be shown in their Food Bar.
  • Apples heal 20 health, Cookies heal 40 health and, Cheese heals 80 health while curing Poison effects.
    • Cheese instantly heals 30 health when used and 10 health per second for the next 5 seconds, totaling 50 over time, and 80 overall.
  • Food is represented by: Food


  • Use the Hand Axe or Great Axe to gather food fast.
  • Try using the Samurai Armor to get food 22% faster.
  • Always make sure to have lots of food on you, as it is the most important thing you could have in combat.
  • Use the Miners Helmet to get Gold and Food at the same time.
  • Mine 2 Food Bushes at the same time to gather Food twice as fast.
  • Food can run out quickly, so keep lots of food on you.
  • Make sure not to spam the food button too much as the Shame! hat will spawn, preventing you from eating for 30 seconds.
Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 4.28.18 PM

Player holding food


  • Food looks like an Apple but despite that, an Apple still requires Food10.
  • The Cheese replaced the Pizza in update 1.6.9. but, still has the same healing properties as its predecessor.


Food has been in the game since the beginning and has never changed.

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