"generates more gold over time"

The Faster Windmill is a Structure that creates Gold for the player that builds them. It costs Wood60 and Stone20 and is an upgrade from the Windmill.


  • The Faster Windmill produces 1.5 gold per second and gives you 1.5 XP. How it manages 1.5 gold is generating one gold, then two gold per second, forever until it's destroyed. If 2 are placed it will be in a pattern of 3 consistently, not a 2/4/2/4 pattern, averaging it out.
  • The Faster Windmill costs Wood60 and Stone20.
  • A Player can only have up to 7 Faster Windmills at a time.
  • Faster Windmills are slightly smaller than the normal Windmills so you will need less space to place Faster Windmills.



  • The Faster Windmill is alternative to the Greater Spikes, Stone Mine, and Sapling.
  • Although the size difference is small for the Faster windmill and the Windmill, the speed the windmills' blades turn at is very noticeable.


  • Unknown Update - Decreased Faster Windmill's size but increased Windmill's size
  • 0.1 - Added. (Initial Release)

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