Death Message

The Death Message

Death is a Mechanic in


  • Death occurs when a player's health is reduced to zero or lower.
  • When a Player dies, they disappear from the world.
    • Disappearance is instantaneous, the Player is no longer in the world the moment the last of his Health disappears.
  • When a player is killed, the "death message" will appear on his screen.
    • The death message appears in the middle of your screen and gradually grows to full size, and displays the text "You Died".
    • Approximately three seconds after the Death Message reaches full-size, the site goes back to the Main Page.
  • Players can respawn after death, but will not retain any Age points or resources they acquired prior to death. They will, however, retain any Hats and/or Accessories they were wearing the time they died (any purchased items that you do not have equipped will not have to be purchased since you have had it before your death)
    • Players can see the position of the last place they died on the Minimap, it will be marked with a red 'X'. (It is called a Death Marker)


  • Avoid Death if possible. You can do this by avoiding enemy players stronger than you and certain mobs.


  • Technically Mobs die as well, though they actually automatically respawn somewhere else in the world with a different name and a refilled Health. However, they will not respawn with different names if they are Wolves, Bulls, Bullies, or Ducks. Same goes for the MOOSTAFA, MOOFIE, and the Treasure, but they always spawn in the same spot with a spawn delay.
  • There is also a white marker very similar to a red marker. If you press "C," it will place a white X at your current position. This can be used to mark your base, enemy bases, gold and resources etc.
  • The death message can be renamed via inspect element.


  • 0.41: Increased size of death marker
  • 0.10: Added dying mechanic (Initial Release)