The Cow is a Passive Mob in


  • The Cow gives 50 Food and 150 Gold when killed.
  • The Cow gives the least amount of Gold out of all the Mobs.
  • The Cow is the most common Mob.
  • The Cow has 500 HP.
  • The Cow periodically stops moving, recalculates a new path, and moves in that direction. The new path is completely random and does not take into account Structures, so it frequently collides with solid objects.
  • If the Cow is damaged, it will move quickly in the direction that will take it away from whatever damaged it.
  • The Cow has several randomized names it pulls from a data bank. These names are displayed above the Cow, and are as follows:
    • Alan
    • Allison
    • Ben
    • Bmoe
    • Clever
    • Destined
    • Dexter
    • Fabz
    • Fiona
    • Flappy
    • Jared
    • Jeff
    • Jeremy
    • Jimmy
    • Joey
    • Jononthecool
    • July
    • Mc Donald
    • Mel
    • Meaty
    • Mike
    • Milky
    • Murdoch
    • Naomi
    • Nathan
    • Nick
    • Oliver
    • Otis
    • Pendy
    • Pepe
    • Quinn
    • Reaper
    • Romn
    • Ronald
    • Sid
    • Sonia
    • Sophia
    • Stallion
    • Steph
    • Theo
    • Vaja
    • Vince
    • XYZ


  • Killing Cows is a fast way to earn Gold. Try trapping Cows, then Spiking them.
  • Due to the Cow's poor pathfinding AI, it is possible to pin a Cow against a Wall or the end of the world by hitting it in the right spot.


  • Cows were the first AI animals to be released.
  • There are 2 Hats and an Accessory that honors them.
  • The names of the Cows are a reference to a wide range of Discord users and game developers Sid has worked with on
  • Unlike the other cow names,he XYZ cow name is a reference to a clan "XYZ", rather than a person


  • Further changes not documented in the Changelog
  • 1.6 - Cow name Igor was removed
  • 0.8 - Added more Cow Names
  • 0.71 - Fixed glitch where the Cow's name would appear differently for different players and increased the speed of the Cow running away from Players
  • 0.7 - Added Cow


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