"provides powerful protection for your village"

The Castle Wall is an upgrade from the Stone Wall and is the strongest Wall in the game. Its color scheme resembles that of the Stone Wall, but darker and in an octagonal shape.


  • The Castle Wall can be unlocked at Age 7 and is only available if you chose the Stone Wall at Age 3.
  • Castle Walls cost Stone35
  • The limit on Castle Walls is 30.
  • Castle Walls have 1500 health points.
  • Players and Mobs cannot move through Castle Walls, nor can Arrows or bullets.
  • Projectiles have no effect on Castle Walls.



  • Because the wall has so much HP but costs a ton, you should make sure you have the right tools, such as the Axe. Use booster pads to get into your base followed by a spike to prevent enemies from going in.
  • Make sure to keep the gaps closed so no intruders can enter through your castle walls


  • Take note that the selection of Castle Walls means the bypassing of useful items like Cookie and Turret. Use this to your advantage, for example, by engaging in long fights.
    • However sometimes after building things, the person kills themselves, and respawns with those items.
  • As it is not effective to manually destroy a Castle Wall, try using a Boost Pad to get in.
    • If you must destroy a wall, Great Hammer is the best for the job. You can also use Tank Gear, but be aware that this will expose you to attacks, with its slow movement speed.



  • 0.891 - Increased wall limit to 30
  • 0.68 - Added Castle Wall back into the game as well as buffing health to 1,500 and changed the wall limit to 25
  • 0.25 - Removed Castle Wall
  • 0.22 - Added Castle Wall. They were available at Age 5, and had 1,000 hp. Sometime in it's history, it was changed to Age 7