The Cactus is a Natural Structure found in the Desert Biome of It is like the Bush but will damage players when touched.


  • Cacti deal 35 damage to everything that touches them, except Structures.
  • Cacti yield a set amount of Food per hit per Cactus hit.
  • Cacti are only found in the Desert Biome.


  • Hide behind Cacti in order to evade enemies.
  • When mining food from it, try to stay a good distance away, so you don't get damaged by it.
  • If you position yourself correctly behind the cactus, a Bull, Bully, or Wolf will run into the cactus and turn away from you.
  • You can in close the Treasure with walls around a cactus since the Pit Trap-Spike combo won't work on it.
  • Place Boost Pads around it to give your opponents a slow and painful death.
  • Build a base with this as a wall, seeing as it's essentially an indestructible spike, but beware because the spike damages everything, enemies and allies.
  • Placing Boost Pads toward a cactus is effective against MOOFIE and the Treasure Chest. As an indestructible spike, the Cactus will keep quickly depleting their health. But make sure you deal the final blow on your target!
  • Don't rush into a Cactus. Sometimes, Cacti deal a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. It can (very rarely) even instantly kill you!
  • If you are new to the game, you can use a Cactus to weaken MOOSTAFA, then finish MOOSTAFA with your weapons.


  • There is a similar Natural Structure in the game, called the Bush. It behaves exactly the same as the cactus, but does no damage and spawns in the forest and snow biomes.
  • Cacti are the only biome specific natural structures in the game.
  • It's the only natural structure that damages you.


  • 0.74 - Cacti were added and haven't been changed since.