"bulls don't target you unless you attack them"

The Bull Mask is a buyable Hat in


  • Hostile Mobs (including Bosses) will not attack players wearing this Mask unless they are attacked first.
    • If a player not wearing the Bull Mask is being targeted, and then equips Bull Mask, they will be targeted until the Hostile Mob pauses, as they all do.
    • If a player wears the Bull Mask, then hits a Hostile Mob once, then stops, then the Hostile Mob will target the player until its pause.
    • A player with Bull Mask equipped cannot be harmed by Hostile Mobs, unless specifically targeted.



  • Use this hat if you don't want Bulls to bother you. Then sneak up behind it and attack it, and while running away use a Pit Trap to trap it and then you have yourself a bull kill.
  • Don’t use this while fighting another player, as it won’t provide you with any extra combat abilities.


  • Take advantage of the fact that the Bull Mask has no special combat effects.


  • The Bull Mask is one of 2 animal hats that isn't free (The other is the Flipper Hat).
  • Despite it only saying that bulls won't target you, it also prevents Wolves, Bullies and bosses from targeting you.


  • 0.85 - Added.


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