"restores health when you deal damage"

The Blood Wings are a Buyable Accessory.


  • The Blood Wings cost 20,000 Gold.
  • Their function is to heal Players when they deal damage.
  • The Blood Wings, similar to the Dark Knight increases a player's health by 20% of Melee damage dealt.
  • With the Diamond Katana, Blood Wings heal 9 health and Dark Knight heals 19 health.



  • Powerful when paired with Samurai Armor or Bull Helmet
  • Wearing this with the Bushido Armor makes you look like a boss. However, it was removed, replaced by the functionally identical Dark Knight and with that hat, you get the highest healing per hit possible.
  • Use with Daggers for the high DPS, resulting in plenty of health regenerated.


  • Use a Ranged Weapon, making Blood Wings useless.
  • Use Spike Gear or Corrupt X Wings, making it useless.
  • Daggers are very good against this, as they deal damage much faster than most weapons, therefore killing the enemy player before they gain much effect from this.


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