"Restores 20 health when consumed"

The Apple is a Food item in It is used to restore the Player's health.


  • The Apple is the first Food item unlocked in the game, every player has it when he starts the game.
  • When consumed, it restores 20 points of health to the player's health bar.
  • Apples cost 10 food.
  • When selected, the player's movement speed is drastically reduced.
  • Potentially upgrades into the Cookie.



  • The Apple is important as it is the only way to recover health unless one purchases and equips the Medic Gear, Bushido Armor, Blood Wings, Angel Wings or upgrades their Apple into the Cookie/Cheese.
  • Press Q and then Space (or click) repeatedly in rapid succession in order to heal fast.


  • Big fights are recommended, as the Apple is not very food-efficient compared to the Cookie.


  • The Apple is the second of the five items known to the player at the start of the game, the others being the Tool Hammer, Wood Walls, Windmills, and Spikes.
  • Before the chat feature was added to the game, many players used Apples and Cookies to signal peace between each other.
  • At age 3, you have the choice of either upgrading to Cookie or Stone Wall.


  • 0.16 - Reduced Cookie and Apple power
  • 0.1 - Added