Accessories are found in the Store and are bought with Gold. Buying accessories that have no effect are not recommended. Instead, buy accessories that have a beneficial effect or spend your gold on Hats. Although you shouldn't buy hats that have no effect you can buy some that are free. Upon equipping an accessory, it will appear behind your player unless you unequip it. There are only 7 accessories that have an effect, and there are 15 that have no effect.

Table of Accessories

This is the table of all current accessories, and their abilities (if they have any).

Accessory Price Image In-game Description Detailed Description Tips
Snowball 1000
Access 12
no effect Vanity Item
Tree Cape 1000
Access 9
no effect Vanity Item
Stone Cape 1000
Access 10
no effect Vanity Item
Cookie Cape 1500
Access 3
no effect Vanity Item
Cow Cape 2000
Access 8
no effect Vanity Item
Monkey Tail 2000
Access 11
Super speed but reduced damage Movement speed increased by 35% but Melee damage is decreased by 80% Use with Stick, or use it to catch up to opponents then unequip it to kill them.
Apple Basket 3000
Access 17
slowly regenerates health over time Heals 1 HP per second Use as a cheap alternative to Angel Wings
Winter Cape 3000
Access 6
no effect Vanity Item
Skull Cape 4000
Access 4
no effect Vanity Item
Dash Cape 5000
Access 5
no effect Vanity Item
Dragon Cape 6000
Access 2
no effect Vanity Item
Super Cape 8000
Access 1
no effect Vanity Item
Troll Cape 8000
Access 7
no effect Vanity Item
Thorns 10000
Access 14
no effect Vanity Item
Blockades 10000
Access 15
no effect Vanity Item
Devils Tail 10000
Access 20
no effect Vanity Item
Sawblade 12000
Access 16
deal damage to players that damage you Deals 15% of damage taken to anyone who damages you with Melee Weapons
Angel Wings 15000
Access 13
slowly regenerates health over time You regen 3 HP per second while wearing Combine with Medic Gear to heal rapidly and with the bull helmet to cancel out most of the damage taken every second. It should be noted that Blood Wings heal more in combat situations.
Shadow Wings 15000
Access 19
increases movement speed Speed increased by 10% Use with Booster Hat for high speeds
Blood Wings 20000
Access 18
restores health when you deal damage Restores 20% of health based on the amount of damage given A great option for players who want to kill other players
Corrupt X Wings 20000
Access 21
deal damage to players that damage you Deals 25% of damage taken to anyone who damages you with Melee Weapons Another option for players who want to kill other players


  • As of update 0.897, the cost to buy every single accessory is Gold157,500.

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Access 16SawbladeAccess 16Access 18Blood WingsAccess 18Access 19Shadow WingsAccess 19Access 21Corrupt X WingsAccess 21

Access 1Super CapeAccess 1Access 2Dragon CapeAccess 2Access 3Cookie CapeAccess 3Access 4Skull CapeAccess 4

Access 5Dash CapeAccess 5Access 6Winter CapeAccess 6Access 7Troll CapeAccess 7Access 8Cow CapeAccess 8

Access 9Tree CapeAccess 9Access 10Stone CapeAccess 10Access 12SnowballAccess 12Access 14ThornsAccess 14

Access 15BlockadesAccess 15Access 20Devils TailAccess 20